Microsoft announces cross-platform Windows 10, out late 2015

Following months of leaks, Microsoft was finally all set to announce its next big operating system yesterday. But what would it be called: Windows 9? Windows One? Just plain ol’ Windows, full stop? Try Windows 10. Yes, really...

Forza Horizon 2 review

After initial concerns that it would dilute the hardcore spirit of the game too much, we unexpectedly fell head over heels with the original Forza Horizon on Xbox 360. That meant expectations were high for the sequel, particula...

Microsoft debuts interactive cube at Decibel Festival

At the Decibel electronic music and visual art festival that kicked off yesterday in Seattle, Washington USA, Microsoft unveiled its latest creation: the Cube. It’s an interactive art installation powered by four Kinect v2 se...


Sony have upped the ante with the release of their latest flagship superphone. The Xperia Z3 packs a 3,100mAh battery that boasts a whopping two full days of regular usage putting it miles ahead of its peers in the juice depart...
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LED carpets could banish boring floors for good

Philips has teamed up with flooring manufacturer Desso to create LED-laced Luminous carpets and we’ve just had our feet on one in Eindhoven. The light transmissive carpets developed by Desso can be programmed via an app t...

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare co-op revealed

Modern Call of Duty games offer a three-pronged attack: frantic competitive multiplayer action, a cinematic campaign, and a survival-centric co-op mode. We had already seen plenty of the first two modes for this autumn’s Call...

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