Microsoft smartwatch will be available “within weeks”

Way back in April 2013 we heard that Microsoft was beavering away on a wearable device – and now, according to one report, its labours are all but complete; the company’s smartwatch may be mere weeks away from release. Forb...

Driveclub review

Driveclub was pegged as one of the big PlayStation 4 launch exclusives: a slick, social sim-lite racer that would show off the new platform’s myriad enhancements. But then it was delayed just weeks before release. Now, ne...

Lollipop statue unveiled at Google HQ

Google played the run-up to Android 5.0’s name announcement for laughs earlier this week, but when it comes to decorating the lawn outside its Mountain View, California headquarters, the company is serious about maintaining t...

The Great Stuff Giveaway – WIN 1 OF 30 E-BLUE MAZER TYPE-R 6D GAMING MICE

Back with a prize-giving vengeance, The Great Stuff Giveaway is chock full of some of the hottest tech in gadget-town. Everything you see in the ‘WIN’ section of the website is up for grabs in our massive prize bonanza. Goo...
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Futuristic sci-fi interface Dizmo launches – but it needs developers

The dream of Minority Report-style digital interaction is now one step closer thanks to the launch of Dizmo. Having been successfully funded on Kickstarter, the self-proclaimed “ground-breaking software platform” has now of...

All the details on Xbox One November update

The Xbox One’s latest firmware update is only a few days away, and Microsoft’s Larry “Major Nelson” Hryb has revealed the changes and features it’ll be bringing with it. In a blog post and accompanying video (which we...

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