MWC 2015: Google’s Project Ara could be launched in August

Google’s vision for the future of smartphones is about to become a reality, with its long-awaited Project Ara modular smartphone finally set for release this summer. The news was revealed by the little-known smartphone ma...

HTC Vive SteamVR hands-on review

If you’d told me a week ago that HTC was about to announce a VR headset in partnership with Valve, I’d have thought you were mad. But not only is that exactly what’s happened at MWC 2015 – I’ve also been lucky eno...

See iPhone working with Android Wear

Could we soon see iPhones sending notifications to Android Wear devices? Well, probably not in an official capacity – but you can watch a developer pull it off above. Mohammad Abu-Garbeyyeh created an app that taps into t...

WIN A Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Ah, Samsung’s Galaxy Note 4, Stuff’s reigning champ of phablet-land. That lovely big battery, the 16-megapixel camera, the SD card slot that’s expandable to 128GB – it all adds up to a world-beating device that will...
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Hackers could now bypass biometrics with just a photo

Disturbing news in the world of security: it seems it’s possible to steal a person’s thumbprint just by taking a photo of it. While that sure sounds like something out of sci-fi, it isn’t far-fetched when you ...

20 million of us have PS4s now

If you own a PS4, you’re not alone: 20.2 million of the consoles have been sold around the world as of March 1. The last time Sony let us in on its sales figures was early January, when 18.5m PS4s were in the wild. Using ...

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