It’s official: Apple Watch will ship in April, says Tim Cook

First announced last autumn, the Apple Watch was initially pegged for an early 2015 release. Would it be a quick post-Christmas release in January, or was it going to be more like March? Speculation raged, as it always does, bu...

6 Things We Love About Windows 10 – And 3 We Hate

Goodbye, Windows 8 – it’s been er, interesting. But don’t feel too bad as you pack your bags – it’s not like you actually sunk Microsoft or anything (although we know that you did your damnedest). And as y...

Disney figured out CG eyes

The next frontier in nailing the look of digital humans? Believable eyes, apparently, and Disney’s researchers are attempting to lead the charge on that front. Check out this new research footage, which shows how they’re mo...


PlayStation recently celebrated the 20th anniversary of its original, game-changing console by bestowing upon the world a gorgeous, limited edition PlayStation 4. The Original Grey PS 4 is designed in the image of its iconic an...
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Hackers could now bypass biometrics with just a photo

Disturbing news in the world of security: it seems it’s possible to steal a person’s thumbprint just by taking a photo of it. While that sure sounds like something out of sci-fi, it isn’t far-fetched when you ...

The PS4 Slim could be unveiled later this year

The PlayStation 4 isn’t exactly what you’d call a large console, at least when compared to the Xbox One. But a recent leak suggest that Sony is already looking to cut the flab for an altogether slimmer model. The le...

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