Gadget of the day: Samsung Galaxy Note Pro

Samsung Galaxy Note Pro If you’re quite finished comparing email signatures as a way to show off your office status, this 12.2-inch, stylus-packing super tablet should help. It rocks a 2560×1600 higher-than-HD displa...
Xiaomi Redmi Main

Review: Xiaomi Redmi is the world’s best, most affordable smartphone ever

You can be forgiven for having never heard of Xiaomi before, but this Chinese upstart could well be the next smartphone superpower. Hugo Barra certainly thinks so - he left his lofty position as VP of the Android platform at ...

The 2014 Formula One rules explained

New year, new Formula One, new rules. And if you’re confused about what exactly has changed, and why those changes even matter, here’s Infinity Red Bull Racing’s Daniel Ricciardo and Sebastian Vettel with low-...


Call it a first world problem or legitimate modern conundrum but we’ve all been there – you’re packing for a trip to the Maldives and can’t decide between your slim-line tablet or workhorse laptop. Lenovo have cotto...
 Life Etc

New Audi TT is a very angry-looking car

That’s an angry-looking car. It’s the third-generation Audi TT, which has just been revealed to the eyes of the world at the Geneva Motor Show. Audi has taken the curved lines of the current TT and added angular det...

Xbox One Bundles (with FIFA 15) now available for pre-order in the UAE

If you were of strong enough constitution to resist the urge to import or (heaven forbid!) grey-market purchase an Xbox One between now and when it originally launched nearly eight months ago then get ready to reap your rewards...

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