News 16 January 2018

Dodge doc’s smalltalk and the squeezy arm cuff with Omron’s HeartGuide Smartwatch

The new ticker vying for First Blood when taking your claret-pressure

News 16 January 2018

Samsung’s skinny-bezeled, dual-camera wielding Galaxy A8 is now available in the UAE

S8-styled curved sides get cut to keep the price keen

News 16 January 2018

TAG Heuer’s Connected 41 is a modular smartwatch for the ladies

Or just those with slender wrists, we’re not here to judge

News 16 January 2018

The 2018 Mercedes G-Class might look the same, but it’s what’s on the inside that counts

The legendary SUV gets a modern makeover

News 16 January 2018

It’s all in the Eyes with HTC’s new mid-ranger

Believe in your selfie

News 16 January 2018

The UAE’s first all-electric Eco-Bus is a sign of green things to come

The prototype can travel between Abu Dhabi and Dubai on a single charge

News 15 January 2018

HTC’s U11+ is now available in the UAE

HTC’s U11+ is a squeezable big-screen wonder

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