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“Our smart technology is the best,” so says Pebble CEO Eric Migicovsky:

You’re Eric Migicovsky. You rip the screen off a Nokia 3310 and with the help of duct tape and Arduino build yourself a prototype smartwatch for cycling. Five years later, Kickstarter backers give you $10 million to build ten...


GoBe will tell you to get off the sofa, you lazy slob

While fitness bands like the Jawbone UP and the Nike FuelBand require you to manually log what you’ve eaten, the HealBe GoBe measures your glucose levels to tell you your calorie intake. It can also tell you how many calories...


Apple CarPlay is the future, and here’s why

As we reported last month, Ferrari has become the first car manufacturer to adopt Apple CarPlay, a new infotainment system that let’s you see the iPhone interface displayed on the car’s touch screen and access apps in exact...


Gadget of the day: Yurbuds

Yurbuds These buds are for those that like to run, not walk. They come with a unique in-ear shape that twists then locks into your ears for a secure fit. The design is both sweat and water-resistant, and they come with an ergon...


Windows Phone 8.1 hands-on review – it’s really not that bad

Nokia and Microsoft are right in the midst of a Cronenbergian combining in which they hope to emerge as a suitably powerful hybrid super-soldier to take on the likes of Android and Apple. The process is not yet complete, but th...


The next generation of mouse is absolutely gorgeous

It looks like a mouse… While the Wing is clearly based on the same principles as the standard desktop mouse – the buttons, the scroll wheel, the shape of it – it’s taking things one step further by adding 3D control. 3D...


In the future we’ll all be wearing smartphone docks like this one

Seriously? Are we being serious here? Well - - no, seriously. Is this for real? Yes, Interrupting Irene, it’s for real. But it’s not as stupid as it looks. You’re not meant to wear this smartphone/ring combo i...


Would you spend almost US$2000 on these headphones?

Crack open your current on-ear headphones (actually don’t, just take our word for it) and you’ll find a dome-shaped dynamic driver. Crack open Oppo’s new PM-1 headphones (again, don’t, they’re very expensive) and you...


Gadget of the day: Marshall Stanmore

Marshall Stanmore Having moved into the headphone game last year, it’s no surprise that professional audio stalwart is now trying its hand at portable hi-fi. And it’s a great first effort, intended to be a compact s...


You call that a smartphone camera? THIS is a smartphone camera

The upcoming Oppo Find 7 has already grabbed plenty of attention thanks to its 5.5in 4K screen – and now it seems it might pair that with the largest amount of megapixels ever seen on a smartphone camera. The EXIF data of an ...


Want a 10-inch iPhone on your car dashboard? Apple CarPlay can do that

Apple is taking to the road with its CarPlay interface for iOS. The new service, a rebranded version of iOS in the Car, extends the iOS 7 interface into your vehicle – enabling drivers to use Maps, make calls and access mes...


Gadget of the day: Sony Vaio Duo 13

Sony Vaio Duo 13 As the lines between tablet and PC blur, you’re going to start seeing ever-more barmy designs from computer-makers eager to make the most of Windows 8′s awesome touchscreen tech and the productivity...


If you have a Galaxy S4, should you upgrade to an S5? Definitely (well, maybe)

Is Samsung’s new Galaxy S5 a worthy upgrade over its predecessor, the Galaxy S4? Join us as we put the two smartphones on the scales and see exactly how they differ. DESIGN: PLASTIC FANTASTIC? While most manufacturers have tu...


Gadget of the day: Antares by Tonino Lamborghini

Antares by Tonino Lamborghini Not to be confused with the car manufacturer (we know, right?) this Lambo-phone comes courtesy of the son of legendary Ferruccio Lamborghini, who has plans to muscle in on the luxury smartphone mar...

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