You call that a smartphone camera? THIS is a smartphone camera

The upcoming Oppo Find 7 has already grabbed plenty of attention thanks to its 5.5in 4K screen – and now it seems it might pair that with the largest amount of megapixels ever seen on a smartphone camera. The EXIF data of an ...


Want a 10-inch iPhone on your car dashboard? Apple CarPlay can do that

Apple is taking to the road with its CarPlay interface for iOS. The new service, a rebranded version of iOS in the Car, extends the iOS 7 interface into your vehicle – enabling drivers to use Maps, make calls and access mes...


Gadget of the day: Sony Vaio Duo 13

Sony Vaio Duo 13 As the lines between tablet and PC blur, you’re going to start seeing ever-more barmy designs from computer-makers eager to make the most of Windows 8′s awesome touchscreen tech and the productivity...


If you have a Galaxy S4, should you upgrade to an S5? Definitely (well, maybe)

Is Samsung’s new Galaxy S5 a worthy upgrade over its predecessor, the Galaxy S4? Join us as we put the two smartphones on the scales and see exactly how they differ. DESIGN: PLASTIC FANTASTIC? While most manufacturers have tu...


Gadget of the day: Antares by Tonino Lamborghini

Antares by Tonino Lamborghini Not to be confused with the car manufacturer (we know, right?) this Lambo-phone comes courtesy of the son of legendary Ferruccio Lamborghini, who has plans to muscle in on the luxury smartphone mar...

Windows Phone 8.1 preview

Preview: Windows Phone 8.1 will make iOS users jealous as hell

There’s a lot at stake for Microsoft Windows Phone, a mobile operating system that’s still playing catch-up with the two big boys - iOS 7 andAndroid 4.4 KitKat. Currently at third place in the smartphone wars, Windows Pho...


With Hoverball, you’d be better at footie than Ronaldo

Here’s one ball you won’t have trouble playing keepy-uppy with – because it can fly. HoverBall’s unusual talent comes courtesy of a 90mm-wide quadcopter inside, which enables it to fly for up to five minutes at a time. ...


This is the new best phone in the world right now

The HTC One (M8) has earned a well-deserved five stars in Stuff’s full in-depth review, and the handset is now sitting pretty at the top of the Top 10 best smartphones list. Praised for its solid more-metal-than-ever b...

Is your HTC One on Jelly Bean getting stale? The Android Kit Kat update will change that

Great news for owners of HTC One and HTC One Max smartphones. The company has  released an Android 4.4 KitKat update for them. The One update can be pushed to Etisalat and du handsets from the HTC site, while the One Max upda...


Google Now Cards for Chrome will change the way you browse forever

Google Now is one of the company’s best new(ish) services for smartphones and tablets, and now it’s rolling out beyond mobile. From today, Google Now cards – which deliver various piece of info that Google believes you’...


LG G Watch gets pictured once more, but would you wear it?

Google revealed the existence of an upcoming LG smartwatch last week, but only showed off one (fairly uninteresting) image of the device. Well, LG UK has just released a second photo of the G Watch and it gives a much better im...


If you don’t buy this 70mph flying, fire-breathing dragon right now, I will

If you have a spare US$60,000 lying around and easy access to large, open areas, we have something amazing to tell you: you can now buy a remote control dragon that flies through the air at up to 70mph (it’s jet-powered) and,...


Gadget of the day: Turtle Beach Ear Force PX4

Turtle Beach Ear Force PX4 The PX4 is the first pair of cans designed specifically to work with Sony’s PS4 console (it’ll work with pretty much any audio source, but the mic won’t work). They’ll happily ...


Can Panasonic and Qualcomm’s AllPlay take down the Sonos king?

While many have previously dabbled, 2014 seems to be the year that every major manufacturer makes a concerted effort to take on Sonos in the multi-room music streaming domain. No, we’re not sure why it’s taken this long eit...

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