News 20 September 2017

Huawei officially unveils its AI chip in the UAE

Huawei’s chip offers dedicated processing power for AI

News 19 September 2017

This smart tea machine reckons it has nailed the perfect brew

Better than your Gran’s?

News 19 September 2017

HP’s latest Omen gaming laptop has real X factor and is coming to the UAE

Screwdrivers at the ready for the upgrade-friendly Omen X

News 17 September 2017

Parrot’s Mambo FPV flies in to teach you drone racing

Better to crash this than your super high-end quadcopter…

News 14 September 2017

The Honor 9 is mighty fine, and it’s finally available in the UAE

Dual-camera-toting budget bargain is breathing down the OnePlus 5’s neck

News 13 September 2017

Panasonic’s new OLED Ultra HD TV piles on the pro features

It’s a huge, hulking HDR-friendly 4K screen that’s vying for a place on your lust list

News 13 September 2017

The all-screen iPhone X scans your mug and turns you into an emoji

Meet Apple’s wireless-chargin’, screen-enlargin’, ultra-high margin superphone

News 13 September 2017

More pixels. More telly. More expensive. It’s the Apple TV

It looks the same as before, but this isn’t the same old black box

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