ShiftCam 2.0 is an iPhone case with a dozen slide-and-snap lenses for enthusiasts and pros alike

Snap happy

25 March 2018
by Stuff Staff

Bolt-on lenses are nothing new in the smartphone world, but ShiftCam (from US$49) wants to catch photographers’ eyes with its latest iPhone case.

Six lenses (four on iPhone 8) are built into a quick-shift mechanism, giving you speedy access to wide-angle, telephoto, fish-eye and macro shots, without having to juggle clip-on lenses – and then hoping they don’t ping off of your phone and hit the ground with a sad little smash. Six lenses in a small space naturally means they’re aimed at enthusiasts, but ramp up your Kickstarter pledge and you can go pro, with a set of detachable advanced lenses.

And before you think they sound smashing in the aforementioned bad sense, they utilise the same super-fast sliding mechanism, so you’ll catch that all-important shot while your photography cohorts are scrabbling about on the floor.



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