The Nokia 7 Plus is a whole lot of phone for $380

An 18:9 assault on the mid-range phone market

26 February 2018
by Stuff Staff

Flagship phones are getting so expensive you’re soon going to have to start selling body parts just to be able to afford one. Nokia would prefer you keep your kidneys and buy what it calls an “affordable flagship” instead.

The Nokia 7 Plus might only set you back US$380, but it’s packing all the luxuries you’d expect from a top-end 2018 blower, like an 18:9 screen and skinny bezels, twin cameras for adding dreamy depth-of-field effects to your photos, and a gorgeous ceramic finish that looks the part, too.

A Snapdragon 660 does all the heavy lifting, making this one of the first phones to arrive with Qualcomm’s latest mid-range silicon, and the massive 3800mAh battery should get you two days between top-ups. You won’t have long to wait to get your hands on one, either: the Nokia 7 Plus will be going on sale in the Middle East in April.



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