Classroom carpet finish puts Microsoft’s Surface Laptop on the student radar

Don’t think of it as a classroom-friendly Chromebook rival, though

03 May 2017
by Stuff Staff

Microsoft is gearing up for back-to-school season early with the Surface Laptop.

This neat all-metal notebook runs Windows 10 S, a cut-down version of the eponymous OS built from the ground up for schools and education. It only runs teacher-approved apps available on the Windows Store, but looks like a regular Windows desktop.

The 1.25kg, 14mm thick ultraportable should squeeze into a book bag, and that 13.5in Full HD display can handle Netflix binging as well as work and web browsing.

It’ll be arriving before September’s new school year in a choice of funky colours, complete with alcantara keyboard. At US$999, though, don’t expect it to take on the might of Google’s classroom-friendly Chromebooks.



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