The ZenFone 5 is an Asus spin on the all-screen phone

Notch your typical Android smartphone – this has more of a fruit flavour…

01 March 2018
by Stuff Staff

Okay, okay – yes, it does look a lot like an iPhone X. But don’t let the similarities fool you: the ZenFone 5 isn’t some simple Apple knock-off. Asus has thought hard about how to adapt Android to the 6.2in, FHD+ screen’s notch, so nothing gets cut off or obscured by it. And you have to admit it looks mighty fine for a mid-range phone.

You get an all-glass body, super-skinny bezels, dual cameras on the back (with some AI-assisted scene recognition to perfect your snaps) and   some potent stereo speakers to get the party started. CPU muscle comes from a Snapdragon 636, treated with some software tweaks to squeeze almost as much grunt from the silicon as a more expensive 660.

No word on what one will set you back yet, or when an if it’ll arrive in the Middle East, but you can bet it’ll be less than the US$1000 iPhone X it’s trying so hard to imitate.



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