You’ll get a kick(stand) out of Acer’s liquid-cooled laptop replacement

The Switch 5 is a silent tab with a stand more flexible than your yoga instructor

20 July 2017
by Stuff Staff

Y’know those auto-closing kitchen cupboard doors that stop you from slamming them shut? This is the hybrid laptop equivalent.

Acer’s Switch 5 has a smart, auto-retracting U hinge that’ll let you work in just about any position, then close by itself when it’s time to pack up and move away from your desk.

LiquidLoop vapour chamber cooling means it can keep its 7th-gen Intel i7 CPU from getting too toasty, without needing noisy fans to keep it cool, and the 12in, 2160×1440 display is gunning straight for Microsoft’s Surface – only at a lower price.

You’ll be able to bag one in September here in the Middle East starting from US$1,030.



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