VR Park is set to be Dubai’s first virtual reality theme park

It will combine VR, AR and experiential attractions

13 February 2018
by Mike Priest

Are you a fan of VR but can’t justify the hefty expense it costs to buy all the kit? We feel you. Shelling out for an HTC Vive and a decent enough gaming rig to run it can cripple even the healthiest of bank accounts.

Well, you may not have to because you’ll soon be able to get your fix by heading down to a new virtual reality theme park in Dubai. Dubbed VR Park, it will combine augmented reality, virtual reality and experiential attractions and will be split across two floors of the Dubai Mall. Emaar, the property developer behind the project, also says that a new indoor roller coaster will be a highlight.

A video was released alongside the announcement, and while it doesn’t reveal too much info on what we can expect in terms of rides, we spotted segments from games like John Wick ChroniclesPayday The VR Heist and The Walking Dead as a potential taste of what’s to come.

The park is expected to open at Dubai Mall in the first half of this year and you can bet your headset that we’ll be first in line to tell you all about it once we get inside.



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