Take your tanning to the next level with this self-cooling sunbed

Perfect for those willing to brave going outdoors in this heat

07 September 2017
by Stuff Staff

Even though we’re currently in the throes of a sweltering Middle East summer, we know there are those of you out there who brave the temperatures in order to work on your tan.

To that we say, you’re crazy! But if you insist on baking yourself like a potato, then you’re going to want to have a gander at this lounger from KoulsDown.

Designed specifically for warmer climes, this self-cooling sunbed has a special gel-lined mattress that the company claims can help reduce a person’s body temperature by up to 2 degrees. Not exactly a chilling result when you’re basking in 40 degree plus weather, but we suppose every little bit helps.

What is cool (if you’ll pardon the pun) is that the gel sits as a thin layer along the upper layer of the bed’s memory foam mattress, meaning you shouldn’t get any nasty burns when you lie down on it, regardless of the temperature. Its all wrapped in a microfibre dry fabric that will absorb moisture so you’ll dry up quicker after your prerequisite mid-tanning dip in the pool.

Developed in the UK, the sunbeds come in a variety of styles and colours and come kitted out with features including a hydraulic headrest, filtration holes, ratchet hinges and an interchangeable casing.

They will be available on sale in the UAE after debuting at the Leisure  Show Dubai 2017 later this month.



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