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Wacom Bamboo Stylus Mini launches for tiny-handed gadgeteers

Do you have little tiny hands, that quiver at the thought of using a big ol’ touchscreen tablet? Don’t worry, Wacom has you back. It’s just launched the  dinky Bamboo Stylus Mini. Measuring in at just 4.7cm ...

Wacom Bamboo Splash is not that sort of tablet

We love Wacom’s Inkling smart pen and Bamboo stylus for the iPad so we’re always keeping one eye on what the art gadget specialists are doing with their clever tech. This time, Wacom has brought out an US$80 budget ...

Wacom Bamboo Pen & Touch now packs wireless

Wacom has updated its entry level Bamboo tablet offerings. Now with classier styling and optional wireless capability, the pen and touch tablets come in three slightly different flavours. All three offer Wacom’s batteryle...

Wacom gets Cintiq 24HD e-pen display

The new 24in (1920 x 1200px) Cintiq 24 HD is the biggest of Wacom’s “pen displays”. Quite a beast, it comes with a counter-weighted stand to let users change the angle and height of the screen for optimal scri...

Wacom Inkling smart pen on the way

Wacom has moved away from its faithful tablet-pen gear in favour of more minimalist kit. The Inkling comprises of a pressure sensitive pen and small receiver unit to record anything you draw on a real page – much like the Li...

Top ten: best iPad accessories

Looking for iPad accessories to get the best out of your shiny tablet? Here are some of our favourites [...]

Wacom Bamboo stylus for iPad

Wacom‘s new pen wants to rub its nub all over your tablet’s touchscreen. The graphics tablet maestros have unveiled a sleek looking stylus that will play nice with your iPad (or any other capacitive screen). Contrar...

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