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Why we hate World Cup Vuvuzelas

When you think World Cup 2010 South Africa, you can’t help but think of insanely loud buzzing. Why? Because each game seems to be filled with the Vuvuzela-blowing masses, drowning out the commentary and distracting the pl...

Al Jazeera World Cup sabotage

Our World Cup coverage from South Africa has had a lot of attention tonight, and while we sat around watching blank screens or listening to French commentary, Al Jazeera Sports were busy blaming Nile Sat. Apparently, the widesp...

Now Twitter loves the World Cup

So first Google goes gaga with World Cup Fever, then Sony releases a whole line of 3D TVs in celebration and now Twitter has gone ahead and pushed out custom backgrounds for footie fans worldwide. There’s only one theme, ...

Google’s 3D tour of the World Cup

Google really has gone World Cup mad. Not only has it changed its icons to ‘Gooooal’ but gotten the guys at Google Earth to map all of South Africa’s ten World Cup stadiums in 3D. Having turned its attention t...

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