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Apple design whiz Jonathan Ive to design the best-looking Leica M-Series camera ever

Taking a break from designing wonder gadgets like the iPhone 5 (and the iPad Mini?) for Apple, Sir Jonathan Ive is palling up with Leica to design a limited edition M-series camera. And when we say “limited edition,”...

Leica M Monochrom 1

Leica M Monochrom

Looking cool is all about commitment to a look – and with an 18MP sensor that only sees in black and white and doesn’t record video, Leica’s M Monochrom rangefinder really commits. Its colour blindness means every...

Leica M Monochrom announced

Leica has unveiled the latest model in its M series of rangefinder cameras – and it’s a bit special. The M Monochrom is, as its name suggests, a camera designed for black and white photography. Most digital camera sensors h...

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