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Google unveils its first low-cost Android One phones

Google has revealed the first wave of its Android One devices at an event in India, kicking off its mission to spread affordable smartphones across the developing world. Manufacturers Spice, Karbonn and Micromax will spark off ...


Apple CarPlay is the future, and here’s why

As we reported last month, Ferrari has become the first car manufacturer to adopt Apple CarPlay, a new infotainment system that let’s you see the iPhone interface displayed on the car’s touch screen and access apps in exact...


Google Now Cards for Chrome will change the way you browse forever

Google Now is one of the company’s best new(ish) services for smartphones and tablets, and now it’s rolling out beyond mobile. From today, Google Now cards – which deliver various piece of info that Google believes you’...

Google Pokémon Master

Google’s Pokémon April Fool should be a real thing

Every year, Google pulls out all the stops with for its annual April Fool’s Day joke. From the Virgle mission to Mars to Google Maps Treasure Mode, Google’s tried to outdo itself. This year, it’s advertisin...


Motorola is the next to announce future smartwatch

Every phone manufacturer wants its own smartwatch these days. Samsung has launched the Gear 2, Gear 2 Neo and Gear Fit at MWC 2014, while HTC has announced plans to launch its own smartwatch. Now Motorola has got in on t...


The future of phones is a scary proposition

When Google snapped up the British artificial intelligence specialist DeepMind Technologies a few weeks ago for a reported $400m, it wasn’t because it was interested in founder Demis Hassibis’ excellent game design ...


8 things you need to know about Google smartwatches

Watch out Samsung and Pebble – Google has just entered the wearables game with its smartwatch-friendly Android Wear platform. So what do we know about the Android variant? Read on for all the facts… READ MORE: Meet the LG ...


Here’s how Google’s crazy balloon-based Wi-Fi will work

  If you haven’t hear of Project Loon, it’s one of the crazy-sounding, mega-futuristic ‘moonshot’ ideas to come out of Google’s secretive Google[x] Lab, which is probably housed in a hollowed-out ...


Google Chromecast [Gadget of the day]

Google Chromecast If you’re one of the seven people who still don’t watch web video on your flatscreen, then Google has a budget-friendly option. This dinky Chromecast dongle fits into a spare HDMI port, letting you...

Best music streaming sites that work in Dubai & UAE

  So you like a genre and have found a band. Here’s how to listen to them wherever and whenever Apple iCloud If most of your music has come via iTunes, Apple’s iCloud service is for you. You’ll need to have a brand n...


Moto X [Gadget of the day]

Moto X Within 20 years, all your gadgets will be custom-made. You’ll just download some designs, tweak the specs, pick a few colours and hit ‘Print’ – or, for the early adopters, ‘Ferment’. And while you’re waitin...


Google Nexus 5: hands-on review

It’s without doubt the worst kept secret in technology, but Google has finally fessed up to the Nexus 5 handset, and revealed the five inch flagship will go on sale today. With a full HD 1920 x 1080 display and a 4.95in scr...


The Moto G: a cheap phone you really want

With today’s launch of the Moto G, Motorola has changed the game when it comes to budget smartphones. Most people would consider the Nexus 5, produced by Motorola’s parent company Google, to be a cheap smartphone – and i...


Google’s new patent lets you physically ‘heart’ things via Glass

Google has been granted a new US patent which outlines how gestures could be used to interact with its Google Glass. One of the methods outlined in the patent is a two-handed heart gesture which results in Glass detecting and ...

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