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Christmas Gift Guide: Best video games for kids

If you’re looking for a gift for the junior gamers in your family, we’ve compiled a list of five video games that don’t contain guns, violence, sex, swearing or nudity – but are plenty fun all the same. Raym...

Kinect Star Wars will land in time for Christmas

Microsoft’s gearing up for a Kinect blitz in the run up to Christmas with a stream of titles set to hit the Xbox 360 motion controller with Kinect Star Wars leading the charge. The bumper line-up is about to show at the Games...

Top Ten: Games this Christmas

The holidays are a time to get together with your Gran. True. But it’s also a time to retreat into your tinsel-lined living room to engage in gaming marathons while you gorge yourself on leftovers. That’s why weR...

Top five Kinect launch titles

Microsoft’s body-jiggling motion controller launches in the Middle East on November 10th, and while the big M has said we can expect Kinect supported hardcore games in another 18 months, we’ve put together a list of...

Kinect’s Dance Central in action

The boys over at Mashable have some shots of Microsoft’s Xbox Kinect in action, along with three ‘players’ dancing to one of its launch titles, Dance Central. Check it out below – then let us know what y...

What did Microsoft get up to at E3

Microsoft has officially kicked things off with a gaggle of gaming news fresh from LA’s E3 expo. The news most slobbered-over was the new motion-controlled Kinect, the swathe of new motion-ready titles on the way as well ...

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