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New Call of Duty: Ghosts and Watch Dogs videos from E3

E3 2013 is well and truly started this evening, but already the first pieces of game-related news are seeping out. First up, a bunch of new Call of Duty: Ghosts gameplay videos from Activision. One, “Into The Deep”, shows o...


The movie boffs from Industrial Light and Magic tell you how the CGI effects in Battleship work

Since George Lucas created Industrial Light & Magic in 1975, the visual effects house has pioneered new special effects tech, using CGI to conjure up gigantic spaceships out of a photo-realistic sea in Battleship, and emoti...

Short Circuit remake to star Johnny Five in CGI

Short Circuit is being remade. And we’re excited that one of the greatest robot films ever is staging a 21st century comeback. Johnny 5 and his laser cannon will be welcomed back, even if he chooses to upgrade his caterp...

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