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Super-small compact system cam Sony RX1 leaked

  Sony is a leaky ship when it comes to cameras – and another droplet of truth has just dribbled onto our desks. It looks like Sony is going to cram a pro-grade model sensor into a compact camera body with its new RX1. T...


Pentax’s new X-5 camera boasts a whopping 26x zoom

Pentax has just announced its X-5 bridge camera packing in a super 26x zoom lens, all powered by AA batteries. The sub-DSLR uses a 4-104mm lens and back-illuminated CMOS sensor with low noise from an ISO range of 6400. It can e...


Hands-on review: Sony NEX-5R [IFA]

If you’re a fan of the images that the beefy APS-C sensors in Sony’s NEX series tends to take, you might be as taken in with the 5R as we are: pretty much the same sturdy build as the 5N but with a whole host of add...


Sony NEX-5R let you upload snaps with Wi-Fi [IFA 2012]

Sony has announced a new addition to its line-up of compact system cameras. The NEX-5R is outwardly similar to the existing NEX-5 (read our review), but sports a handful of standout additions to the feature list. There’s a ne...


Meet the new Nikon 1 J2 compact cam

  We were enamoured with the Nikon 1 J1 (read our review to see exactly why), and now the Japanese firm has given it a new big brother. The Nikon 1 J2 has just been announced, alongside a fresh supply of accessories. The J...

Lytro Camera1

Lytro Camera

The Lytro hasn’t wasted any time scrapping over megapixels with the rest of the point-and-shoots in the sandpit. Instead this tiny anodised aluminium tube has made the leap to playing with ‘megarays’ to captur...


Samsung WB850F digital camera review

Samsung's WB850F is about the same price, size and weight as the superb Sony HX20V, but attempts to trump our favourite all-rounder with the promise of Wi-Fi transfer, GPS tagging, mapping and augmented reality viewing, smartph...


Sony RX100 camera review

If you know your f-stop onions from your bracketing elbow, you might find most compact cameras just a bit too limited. Or maybe, if you're totally honest with yourself, you want a compact that says "Look, I am [...]


One shot, many photos: Lytro camera review

Get ready to have your mind blown. Hit the shutter on Lytro, the world’s first consumer light field camera, and you don’t capture just one shot but every possible photo that could be taken through its 8x zoom lens. Lytro co...

Share pics online and in print with the Polaroid Z2300

Good old Polaroid, who started with the Land Camera in 1948, is still ploughing on with instant development. The Z2300 snapper lets you print your pics instantly and share them online. The Z2300 sports a 10MP camera, 3in LCD di...


Wi-Fi friendly Samsung DV300F camera review

We've seen Samsung compact cameras packing Wi-Fi skills before – like the capable WB150F. With the 16.1MP DV300F, you can now instantly back-up and share your shots without rummaging around for too many [...]

Nokia PureView Windows Phones will take big pictures

The Nokia 808 PureView’s camera takes whopping 41MP photos, but cramming those Carl Zeiss optics into a smartphone means forgoing the slimline shells seen on other smartphones. But Nokia’s going to send PureView to ...

Facebook launches hipster-pleasing Instagram-style camera app for iPhone

Hands up who didn’t see this one coming? Fresh off the back of the IPO (don’t worry yourselves about that) and its (almost finished) acquisition of Instagram, Facebook’s dropped an app for iPhone, iPod Touch a...

Pentax launches hipster-baiting Optio LS465 compact camera

The compact camera equivalent of slouching, the Pentax Optio LS465 keeps things cool with a 4.6cm low profile and serious specs squeezed into its skinny body. Making the rest of the pack look like try-hards, don’t be fool...

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