Tag Heuer’s modular Android Wear watch is the king of face-swapping

Or should that be the earl of extravagance?

15 March 2017
by Stuff Staff

Ah yes, modular gadgets – they promise so much, yet deliver…

The Nintendo Switch? Okay, modular tech hasn’t exactly had a glorious run of smash hits. And I say this as someone who’s been waiting three years for the amazing-in-theory Blocks watch. But you have to admit the idea makes sense for smartwatches. This sequel to Tag Heuer’s original Android Wear watch is onto something – it lets you swap out its sportier digital face for a fancy mechanical module. One face for playing squash with Jarvis, another for afternoon tea at the Burj al Arab. An Android Wear watch to rule them all.

I don’t get it. Why not just buy two watches?

Because then you’ll have two inflexible norm-watches, rather than one infinitely tweakable, special one. Did I mention that the Connected Modular 45 also has interchangeable lugs, straps and buckles? Its digital module is up there with the best Android Wear 2.0 watches too, on paper – GPS, NFC, 4GB storage, and an AMOLED screen are all on board. Oh, and it’s water-resistant to 50m too. The only downside is that it starts at US$1650…

Starts at US$1650? That is just…wow.

Don’t worry, it’s only another US$1650 if you want the mechanical module too. So US$3300 in total for the full, module-tastic experience. But this thing is Swiss-engineered, right down to the motherboard. Those guys know their pinions from their ratchet wheels. And both of the modules are covered by a two-year warranty…

Yeah, but I don’t see Sonos bundling turntables with its speakers, just in case streaming doesn’t take off…

I’m not sure you’ve quite grasped the whole modular thing. Hot-swappable watch modules might be niche, but if the likes of Linde Werdelin and Halda’s Space Discovery have found an audience, there’s no reason why fat-walleted Tag Heuer fans won’t lap up this richer-than-cream-pie slice of Android Wear. In fact, Peregrine will be able to splash out his pocket money on it from today at Tag’s site.




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