Sunflower is a solar-powered smart shade designed to keep the sun out of your eyes

A high-tech solution for a quintessentially Middle Eastern problem

10 October 2017
by Stuff Staff

We’ve all been there, cooking our brains outside in the sun’s rays, too lazy to get up and move the pool-side umbrella because, well, it’s a pain isn’t it?

For a problem that is quintessentially Middle Eastern, it took LA-based robotics startup ShadeCraft to solve it.

Enter Sunflower, the world’s first solar-powered autonomous robotic sunshade revealed earlier this week at GITEX Technology Week in Dubai. Using a mix of AI, IoT connectivity and a whole host of sensors, it intelligently follows the path of the sun as it moves across the sky, keeping your noggin’ shaded without you ever having to lift a finger.

Well, it is controlled by an app (both iOS and Android), so you will technically have to lift a finger to get it going, but that’s about the extent of it, you lazy sod.

It also packs a solar battery onboard, which is self-charging and can last upwards of 72 hours. Best of all, it has WiFi enabled microphone and speakers which can connect to Amazon’s Alexa and Google Assistant so you can bark commands at it without even needing to get up.

“Alexa, get that pesky sun out of my eyes” – yup, the future really is here.



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