Stuff Recommends – July 2017

From touch-sensitive projectors to nostalgia-ridden feature phones, here are this month’s must-have gadgets

03 July 2017
by Stuff Staff

Every month we bring you the must-buy tech products available now in the region. Level up your gadget arsenal with one of these, you know you want to.

Sony KD-65A1 OLED (US$5,450)

The A1 is Sony’s first foray into OLED territory, and boy is it a doozy. This 4K telly makes for a bold living room statement, with its ‘stand-less’ design and all eight million of its self-illuminating pixels being handled by the X1 Extreme image processor delivering more accurate colours, better contrast and top-notch upscaling. It’s also pretty flashy in the sound department, doing away with traditional speakers in lieu of two actuators directly behind the panel (with an 8cm sub in the stand), which vibrate the screen itself to create audio. Fancy indeed.

Nokia 3310 (US$55)

It’s back! The classic phone that pretty much started it all, the Nokia 3310 has received a 2017 makeover that’ll kick your nostalgia gland into overdrive. Aside from a sleek reimagining of the phone’s iconic design, it includes a 2MP camera, week-long battery life, dual-SIM smarts, and, of course, everyone’s favourite time-wasting game, Snake.

HP Sprocket (US$135)

HP’s Sprocket is the key to unlocking the phablet photo prison that is your phone. Pair it with the app and you can pick pictures from our camera roll, Instagram or Facebook profiles for it to spit out onto small rectangles of paper, turning social media into something physical. And because it uses Zink’s heat-sensitive paper it doesn’t even need any ink.

BenQ Zowie Celeritas II (US$135)

Matte black and foreboding, this e-sports keyboard is not messing around. It’s designed to give you the most accurate keystroke response during use, thanks to optimised pre-travel, and is tough-as-nails, able to withstand the most marathon gaming sesh. Its illuminated keys have adjustable brightness levels which can be tweaked or turned off completely.

Sony Xperia Touch (US$1580)

The Xperia Touch is a tiny, battery-powered Android box, which beams a touch-sensing display onto any flat surface. The projector can see where you’re tapping, and transform that data into inputs, meaning you can play games, reply to emails and do pretty much anything you would on a regular tablet except with Minority Report levels of awesomeness.

Asus ROG GX800 (US$6,550)

Some laptops are purely practical things, while others take the ‘kitchen sink’ approach and cram in so much state-of-the-art tech that it makes your eyes bleed. The GX800 is definitely the latter camp, with its two Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 cards in SLI, and an advanced version of the Hydro Overclocking System liquid cooling module. Combine an 18in 4k screen with the latest Intel Core i7 processor and it’s clear that Asus isn’t messing around with this monster. Of course, you’re going to need to save up all of your pocket money (and ours, and everyone else you know) to be able to afford one.



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