You can now preorder the Sony Xperia XZ Premium in the UAE, KSA and Qatar

You also get a swanky pair of Bluetooth headphones as a nice ‘thank you’ bonus

23 May 2017
by Stuff Staff

Officially revealed earlier this year Mobile World Congress, the Xperia XZ Premium features the Japanese electronics giant’s latest camera sensor that will allow users to capture video at 960fps allowing for what the company is calling “super slow motion” clips.

This translates into the ability to turn traditionally mundane things into epic moments – imagine dropping a water balloon on someone’s head and it exploding dramatically and you get the idea.

The camera sensor also features a dedicated memory stack that allows the device to snap four simultaneous photos when the shutter button is clicked, letting the user pick and choose which shot they wish to keep.

Equipped with Qualcomm’s latest Snapdragon 835 processor and Gigabit LTE, Sony is pulling no punches with the internals of its new flagship superphone.

Design-wise, however, the phone isn’t a huge departure from the the company’s previous flagship the Xperia XZ. While competitors like Samsung and LG are moving towards taller displays that allow for thinner bezels, Sony has opted to keep a standard 5.5in display leaving its handset looking positively bulky compared to the competition.

While the reflective, all-metal design of the device is indeed striking, our brief hands-on yielded that you’re going have to keep those hands glove-covered if you hope to keep the thing free of fingerprints.

Pricing for the Xperia XZ Premium is available for preorder in the UAE, KSA and Qatar from today for US$735 and comes with a free pair of Sony’s XB950BT headphones as a nice incentive. It is expected to hit store shelves by the second week of June in the UAE and Qatar and the first week of June in KSA.



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