SONY WF-1000X review

Ding dong, the wicked wire is dead

23 November 2017
by Stuff Staff


Wireless know-how runs in the family of the Sony WF-1000X. The company’s MDR-1000X are among our favourite wireless over-ear headphones, and its first wireless in-ears are every bit as special. Maybe more so.

The WF-1000X have a smart but unfussy look, and a wonderfully comfy fit. They hang just slightly outside your ear – not so much that you look like you’re trying to close a business deal but just enough to ensure the microphone is in the best place.

That’s because alongside phone calls and smart assistance, the WF-1000X needs its mics to help with its noise cancellation. Naturally, over-ears manage a more convincing job here, but the WF-1000X offer as good a performance as we’ve heard from in-ears.

Pairing is quick and playback is largely stable, with the familiar Sony sound that puts timing, drive and dynamics at the top of its to-do list.

Such an engaging sound is spurred on by stacks of clarity and insight through the midrange, and is supported by a bass response that’s punchy and well controlled at all times.

We’d take a touch more space if pushed, but the WF-1000X are far from sounding congested. In fact, they’re the best sounding wireless in-ears we’ve heard.

Expect playback for up to 3 hours (having noise cancelling on will shorten this slightly), with two more charges on-the-go from its case.


Available at the Sony Centre, The Dubai Mall and at all leading retail stores in the UAE



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