SNES: a visual compendium is a gorgeous hardback book celebrating Nintendo’s finest console

Sweet 16-bits

05 February 2018
by Stuff Staff

There are books and then there are books. SNES: a visual compendium (available in both paperback and hardback) is very much in the latter camp – a chunky, weighty tome that’d probably knock someone out if you swung it at them. Not that you’ll want to – with a copy in your mitts, you’ll be too busy pouring over 500 beautifully designed pages that cover every aspect of Nintendo’s greatest ever console.

There are four bookmarks (in red, yellow, green and blue, naturally) for keeping your place; and when your eyes are getting tired from all the reading, you can wiggle the lenticular slipcase cover back and forth to make the dinky depicted sprites animate. You’ll need to make the bleepy sound effects yourself though.



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