Samsung’s PowerBot vacuum defects to the dark side in this Star Wars-themed limited edition

Luke, I am your hoover

11 October 2017
by Stuff Staff

So, exactly how excited are you about The Last Jedi? So excited that you’re sinking every free minute into the Battlefront 2 beta? So excited that you’re rewatching all the previous movies with your Sphero R2-D2? So excited that you’re…wishing your robot vacuum looked like Darth Vader? Well, it’s your lucky day.

Samsung has launched two special edition versions of its PowerBot VR7000 – one that resembles The Dark Lord of the Sith himself, and the other a Stormtrooper. Both models have their predecessor’s Cyclone Force tech and powerful suction, as well as a sensor that enables the vacuum to map out the most efficient cleaning route in your house.

You can control them via an app or with Alexa voice commands, but what sets these hoovers apart is their sound effects. For example, you’ll get Vader breathing when you turn that model on, and it plays the Imperial March when returned to its charging station. How can poor Henry top that? There’s no confirmed availability in the Middle East yet, but the Star Wars PowerBots are available to pre-order in the US for US$799.



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