Samsung launches its latest QLED TV range in the UAE

Suped-up 4K tellys to melt your eyeballs…and your wallet

23 May 2017
by Stuff Staff

Wait, we thought OLED was the big deal in the TV space?

Yes, you’re not wrong there. LG has been championing its OLED tech for the last couple of years, enough so that both Sony and Panasonic have jumped on the bandwagon with their 2017 lineupss.

Ever-defiant Samsung, however, are forging their own path. Announced in January at CES, their cheekily named QLED combine a number of technologies to deliver a range of sets that deliver what the company is saying is their best picture quality ever.

And today they are officially available for sale across all major retailers in the UAE

So what is QLED then?

Essentially it’s a renaming of Samsung’s previous Quantum Dot tech – an amalgamation of “Quantum Dot” being Samsung’s picture technology and “LED” being the backlight.

Ok…so what is a Quantum Dot?

Essentially it’s a LED-backlit LCD TV with colour enhancing particles. Samsung says that with Quantum Dot technology it can produce brighter sets with greater colour accuracy and that’s super important for ultra high definition content, particularly when you bring HDR into the picture.

Of course all this high-end tech comes at a price, with the 75in and 65in versions of Samsung’s Q8C televisions costing a wallet-busting US$9,530 and US$4,630 respectively.

That’s the price one pays for being on the bleeding edge of super good looking Netflix binges, we suppose…




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