Razer’s Project Valerie is a three-headed beast of a gaming laptop

All the immersive fun of a screen trinity with no strings attached

08 January 2017
by Stuff Staff

*rubs eyes, blinks* Am I seeing triple?

No, your eyesight isn’t failing you – yet. Just like Cerberus, this concept laptop from Razer is a three-headed beast.

It’s rocking three displays to draw you into an immersive gaming experience without the wire clutter you’d usually get with this sort of set-up. We’re talking three 17-in 4K displays that stretch as far as your side-eye goes. Resistance is futile in the face of those 24,883,200 pixels.

How the hell does this work? Do I have to fold the other screens out?

You won’t have to move a finger. Well, maybe just one pinky to activate the deployment of the other two panels. It all hinges on the … hinges. Once triggered, the other screens should automatically slide out from behind the main monitor till they’re fully extended and perfectly adjusted for your viewing pleasure. They even come with that rainbow-riffic Chroma underglow, just like the keyboard, to add some colour to your gameplay.

And if you’re the anti-social type, this comes with the added guarantee of making sure no-one can occupy the seats on either side of you on the train.

Let me guess: this laptop is as thick as Trump.

Gaming laptops were never supermodel-slim to begin with. Thankfully, this isn’t that much bigger than other gaming laptops packing the same prime specs. According to Razer, it is “about two Razer Blade Pros stacked on top of each other”. In fact it’s identical to one of those laptops if not for the three heads sprouting from the keyboard. For the uninitiated, that makes it about 1.5-inches thick with a weight of just under 12 pounds (5.5kg).

Its form isn’t final yet, given that this is just a wee concept right now, but hopefully it won’t change too much.



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