More pixels. More telly. More expensive. It’s the Apple TV

It looks the same as before, but this isn’t the same old black box

13 September 2017
by Stuff Staff

From the outside, the new Apple TV looks exactly like the old one, but this is a very different beast.

There’s 4K and HDR. And you get the same A10X chip that’s found in the iPad Pro, to drive all those pixels and immersive gaming experiences. But mostly this black box is about telly.

The good news: Apple’s issuing 4K movies on iTunes for the same price as HD ones – and upgrading anything you already bought, for free.

The ‘we’re not sure yet’ news: the Middle East is still left out of the ‘TV’ app fold. Bummer.

And the inevitable sting in the tail: the new Apple TV in the UAE starts at a cool US$190.



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