Philips’ new TV packs a more powerful processor for better OLED

Meet the P5 chip – powering prettier pictures on a Philips screen near you

15 March 2017
by Stuff Staff

A P5? Didn’t I get one of those in the post recently?

That was a P45, because of what you did with the photocopier, remember? Anyway, we’re here to talk about the P5 – or, more specifically, the P5 processor in Philips’ new 55-inch 4K HDR OLED set, the 9002. Or the 55POS9002, to be full and frank.

That all seems like rather a lot of letters…

Well, after your P45, I’m not surprised that you’re fearful of post. In any case, what you really need to know is that Philips’ new TV processor is much better than what came before: besides a 25% increase in processing power, it’s also been treated to technical tweaks across the board.

There’s a host of new meters and enhancers, for example, to better process and deliver sharpness, while a refined gamut mapping system should mean prettier colours and saturation. Oh, and it’ll do HLG – Hybrid Log Gamma – processing, too.

And this is all going on inside the 9002?

It certainly is: the new Philips box channels that heightened performance to deliver a rather nice TV. Across 55 inches you’ll get a UHD Premium-accredited picture – that’s 4K, HDR and more – with a properly wide colour gamut, alongside, we imagine, all the saturation and contrast you’d expect from an OLED.

Don’t these OLED numbers often feel a bit dim?

Years back, maybe, but nowadays the game has changed. Not only are OLEDs able to kick out greater peak brightness levels, but brightness isn’t as straightforward when you enter the realm of the wide colour gamut. Short of getting seriously technical, where manufacturers oft quote ‘Nits’ as a measure of brightness, it’s actually a measure of luminance. The human eye is basically rubbish at perceiving this, especially in displays with a wide colour gamut.

What are we saying? Though the new Philips box has a relatively middling Nit count of 750, the fact that it can reproduce a whopping 99% of the DCI-P3 colour spectrum means it should still be a bright, bold and beautiful thing to look at.

But will it look nice on my wall?

With a brushed aluminium frame and Ambilight on 3 sides we’d certainly hope so – not to mention the seriously slim shell and narrow bezel. Until we get properly eyes-on with the 9002 we can’t be sure, but the specs suggest this could be a darn fine looker when it hits shelves later in summer.



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