OnePlus 5: Everything we know right now

Leaked shots appear to confirm several features

15 June 2017
by Stuff Staff

While the OnePlus 3T was a seriously stellar smartphone, with a fab design and stacks of power, it wasn’t quite the major upgrade on the previous model that we were hoping for.

Good news, then: it’s already time to start looking ahead to OnePlus’ next handset. And indeed, there’s not long to wait for it now, because OnePlus has announced that it’ll be officially revealed on June 20 at 12:00 EDT (that’s 8pm Dubai / 7pm KSA). It’s also revealed the first official photo of the phone, which you can see in all its glory above (or below, if you prefer).

What else do we know about it? Well, quite a lot actually. Here are all the details.


>>> It will be called the OnePlus 5

Yes, we know you were all expecting the OnePlus 4, but the company’s next hero phone will instead be called the OnePlus 5. Why? Not, as many outlets have reported, because the number four is considered unlucky in China. Apparently it’s because a number of OnePlus big wigs are massive fans of former NBA player Robert Holly, who wore a #5 jersey. Could it be true? We’re more convinced by the former theory, frankly…

>>> It’ll be revealed on June 20

Yep, you’ll only have to wait another couple of weeks for the big reveal, with OnePlus announcing a June 20 launch. And you’ll be able to follow the launch here with Stuff of course.

>>> It looks a bit like an iPhone from the back

The first proper shot of the phone (above) reveals a premium-looking device with subtle curves and a distinct hint of iPhone 7 about it. Yeah, alright, it’s a phone – they all look a bit alike – but this is definitely more in the Huawei P10 vein of looking a bit like an iPhone than the HTC U11 approach of not looking much like an iPhone at all. What else does the image tell us? Well…

>>> It’ll have dual cameras

Alright, so we’d already seen leaked photos and images of the box before, so this wasn’t a surprise, but that first official image of the phone confirmed the two-cameras theory. We don’t yet know what the second one will be for, though. Some are suggesting that there will be augmented and mixed reality smarts as standard. What form this might take is yet to surface, but a pair of lenses would be a key first step to the necessary depth perception. The latest signals point to a 23MP main camera, sourced from Sony, but it’s unknown if the secondary snapper will match it for megapixels, or if it will be smaller.

Either way, camera experts DXO are on board to offer advice and make the OnePlus 5’s cameras the best they can be. The only OnePlus phone on the DXO leaderboards right now is the OnePlus 2, with a score of 76 – some way behind the 90 scored by HTC’s U11 and Galaxy S8’s 88.

The official OnePlus Twitter account posted the first sample photo from the OnePlus 5 ahead of launch, putting it side-by-side with an unnamed competitor. One side is clearly superior, which bodes well for the OnePlus 5’s snapping abilities.

>>> It appears to be made of metal

The above photo doesn’t 100% confirm what material the phone is crafted from, but it looks like metal to us. Rumours had suggested OnePlus was going to opt for something different – maybe glass or ceramic – but unless there’s more than one version, that appears to have been no more than a rumour. OnePlus’ Twitter feed featured the line “A continuous hard edge, refined over 3 years.” alongside the image, which doesn’t particularly help either way.

>>> Rumours about it having skinny screen bezels appear to be wrong

Reports had suggested that the OnePlus 5 was going to follow the likes of the LG G6 and Samsung Galaxy S8 by having an almost bezel-less all-screen front – removing the physical home button entirely and sticking the fingerprint sensor on the back. However, a quick glance at the official photo proves there’s no fingerprint sensor on the back – well, unless it’s located right down the bottom of the phone, and that seems unlikely. That doesn’t mean it won’t still slim down the bezels, but it looks unlikely that it’ll genuinely be all-screen round the front.

>>> It’ll either have a 5.5in or 5.3in AMOLED display

You can’t tell from the photo how big the screen is, obviously, so we’re stuck with rumours on this one. The 3T packed a 5.5in 1080p AMOLED, which was no bad display. For the next-gen OnePlus, early evidence was hinting at a slight downsize to 5.3in, in favour of a resolution upgrade. A 2K AMOLED would make sense, given that many of OnePlus’ competitors now pack QHD displays and OnePlus hasn’t upgraded its flagship’s screen resolution since the original OnePlus One. Later reports have suggested 5.5in will still be the norm, though.

>>> It’ll still have a headphone jack, probably

The official photo proves there’s not a headphone socket on the top, but despite rumours to the contrary we’re still hoping we get one down the bottom. Tweets by OnePlus co-founder Carl Pei give us some justification for our belief: in a poll Pei ran, 88% of respondents voted in favour of keeping the headphone socket and, given OnePlus’ intimate connection with its loyal user base, it would be quite the PR foot-in-mouth moment to go against that tide of opinion.

>>> It’ll be pretty quick

Leaks and rumours aside, given how nippy the fantastic OnePlus 3T is it’s a pretty safe bet that the next-gen OnePlus flagship will be even speedier. Present know-how points towards two models – one with 6GB of RAM and one with 8GB, and it’s been confirmed by Qualcomm and OnePlus CEO Peter Lau that the OnePlus 5 will carry a Snapdragon 835 processor. That should mean a significant upgrade on the Snapdragon 821-powered 3T.

Lau also revealed that an OxygenOS update will manage app performance so that “the apps you use most are ready to go when you turn on the OnePlus 5” while less-used apps are deprioritised to increase the smoothness of the experience.

A leaked web store listing seemingly confirmed a 4000mAh battery, too



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