Nokia relaunches its iconic 3310 phone in the UAE

Plus, three mid-teir Android handsets complete the comeback lineup

15 June 2017
by Stuff Staff

It seems awfully silly, but it’s true: the Nokia 3310 was one of the most talked-about devices at MWC earlier this year.

That hype has reached a fever pitch with the phone finally getting a proper release date of June right here in the UAE.

Debuting 17 years after the original, the new Nokia 3310 keeps the fundamentals of the original super-tough, world-conquering feature phone, albeit with a modern makeover.

That makeover doesn’t extend too far into the tech: it still doesn’t do Wi-Fi or notifications, and the only apps come from the Opera Store. But it has Snake, naturally, and this “dumphone” sure mines a lot of nostalgia along the way. It’s also super cheap, at US$55, and could serve as a reliable backup for the glovebox… or a way to avoid staring at a smartphone all day.

In terms of more current tech, the company also showcased its mid-range Android phone, the Nokia 6 (US$220 available July), which we felt looked like a swish piece of kit but is unlikely to topple the likes of OnePlus or Honor in that space.

Meanwhile, the Nokia 5 (US$175 available July 12) and Nokia 3 (US$135 available June 29) are even cheaper options for those looking for an entry-priced Android experience.

It seems Nokia is aiming more for the mass market with its return to phones, rather than high-end flagship lovers, which might put them in reasonable stead for a swift comeback.



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