Nixie Machine II goes IoT with its tantalising tubes

Mixing Wi-Fi and gas in a connected cathode clock

10 May 2017
by Stuff Staff

Nixie tubes are nothing new. In fact, they’re decidedly old school, what with their 1950s heritage.

So, too, with the Nixie Machine: a hand-crafted concept clock hewn from the imagination of cathode fan Frank Buchwald, its crab-like form titillated design fans and retro folks alike back in 2015. And now it’s back. Sculpted from brass and glass, its 1.2-metre span is crowned by Wi-Fi connected light tubes, with the internet keeping things on time (and a manual knob if things go sideways).

There’s also a host of new features, including time zone settings and day/night dimming. But, really, you should buy one of the twelve £23,000 Nixie II’s (approx US$29,800) just to ogle.



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