This new New Day replica belt won’t let you be sour

Clap for technicolour faux leather

18 July 2017
by Stuff Staff

When faced with a cuppa’ haters, there’s only one thing to combat their cruddy chat.

No, not The List: try this replica New Day Tag Team Championship belt (US$520) on for size. Clad in a zinc alloy faceplate and faux leather wrap, authentic decals deliver a powerslam of style. In fact, so stylish is the belt, you’ll have people asking “Who? Who? Who?” when you strut down the street like Vince McMahon after a right good firing.

And, when you need to go on the road for some far-flung Stunners, there’s even a bundled cloth carrying bag to keep your belt shinier than an ice cream cart in the Florida sun.



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