The menacing Sphero BB-9E wants to take your wallet to the dark side

Just when you thought everything was in First Order…

01 September 2017
by Stuff Staff

Our hearts may have been taken by Sphero’s mini R2-D2, but here to disturb the force (or at least our hopes of a healthy bank balance) is the dark side’s BB-9E.

An evil version of 2015’s BB-8 droid, he can be rolled around using the companion app or sent to Patrol your ‘Star Destroyer’ (A.K.A your shed). Built-in sensors react to your presence, while a durable shell mean he’s not one to accidentally toe punt.

With the same US$150 price as the BB-8, it’s down to you whether you join the Resistance or embrace your inner stormtrooper with the First Order when he goes on sale tonight from Sphero’s store.



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