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It’s the tech battle of the century, and we’ve got you front row seats. We’re talking, of course, of the battle for gadget supremacy – and there can be only one winner. Will it be Apple that takes the tech crown? What with the proven might of its iPad, Retina Display Macbook and iOS 6? Or will Windows 8 and its touch-friendly Surface tablet put Microsoft back on top?

Or maybe it will be Google, with Android Jelly Bean, Project Glass and the Nexus 7 it’s looking formidable too. Find out which tech titan has what it takes for world domination in this month’s cover feature.

But the lofty questions don’t stop there. Will 3D printers revolutionize the way we buy physical products?

Are electric vehicles any good? And do we look fat in this? Not after you read our gadget-filled Guide to Fitness. So sit back, relax and settle into those front row seats, but most of all enjoy the issue.

 This issue was brought to you by…

Vauxhall’s smartphone-brained supercar
A  remote control spyplane
A burrito-making robot, geek-friendly holiday reads
A hyper-realistic Boeing flight simulator
Ivy Bridge-powered laptops

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