Logitech’s magic wand will make you a master presenter

Much like your Austin Montego, it vibrates when it’s time to stop

05 February 2017
by Stuff Staff

I’ve got my trusty waving stick. Why can’t I just use that?

What are you, a house master from the 1950s? Presenting nowadays is all about convention halls, sharp suits and something shiny in your hand. Make that something shiny the Logitech Spotlight and you’ll become a seasoned speaker in a jiffy.

So it’ll do the talking for me?

Not quite, but it should keep make just about everything else easier. Like the best blazers, the Spotlight has just three buttons on its front, keeping things mercifully simple. Stick your sweaty thumb on the Spotlight button and, rather a little laser dot, you’ll get a highlighted or magnified focal point on the screen.

Why’s that better? Apart from being clearer for your whole audience, it means the back-up office watching on conference call will digitally see the area you’re gesticulating at.

What if I need to get clicking?

It’ll do that, too, with it’s mouse-like pointer – and, with a 30m range, you can go all rock star, wandering through the crowd like some kind of laid-back business mogul pitching the next big deal like it’s nothing.

Or, you know, present your in-depth research in your pants in the living room. Dog does like graphs, after all.

I’m actually a bit of a chatterbox.

Worry not: the Spotlight can sync with a nearby PC via Bluetooth or a USB receiver to deliver silent vibration alerts at timed intervals. So, if you need to stick to a set time limit – or hand over to Linda with the vital stats at the right moment – it’ll give you a secret buzz. You’ll look like the consummate clever counter – and won’t go home with one of those stress headaches.

It supports gesture volume controls, too, so you just need to flap to turn down that background video.

Has anyone actually used this thing?

TED, in fact. No, not Mark Wahlberg’s fuzzy mate: TED, the people who organise presentations by smart, inspiring and Generally Very Interesting People. They’ve picked the Spotlight as their new remote of choice so, you know, it’s probably pretty good. Which is a relief, given that it costs US$130.



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