These limited edition Joy Cons will give your Switch a retro makeover

Old-school style, new-school tech

09 July 2017
by Stuff Staff

Certain colour schemes are ubiquitous with classic kit.

Casio grey. A Ford GT in Gulf Livery. The Nintendo Entertainment System. And, as with all shameless cash-ins, retro logic dictates that appropriate new gear should be classily clad in versions of these retro get-ups. So it is with the limited edition Joy Con Classic from Colorware (US$199).

Wrapped in the NES’ evocative red, black and grey palette, these custom painted ‘Cons bring a dose of 80s gaming nostalgia to Nintendo’s latest console.

Sure, they cost twice the price of a standard pair – but it beats waiting on a pre-order of the SNES Classic Mini.



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