HP’s latest Omen gaming laptop has real X factor and is coming to the UAE

Screwdrivers at the ready for the upgrade-friendly Omen X

19 September 2017
by Stuff Staff

X really does mark the spot for HP’s return to gratuitously OTT gaming laptops – all it takes is a single screw to open the Omen X up and swap out the hard disk, SSD and RAM when it’s time to upgrade.

Not that you’ll be doing that any time soon, with the top-spec model arriving with 1TB of mechanical storage, two 1TB SSDs and a whopping 32GB of RAM. Add in an overclockable Intel Core i7-7820HK CPU, Nvidia’s beastly GeForce GTX 1080 mobile graphics card, and a 4K, G-Sync compatible screen, and you’ve got an absolute monster of a machine. The customisable LEDs and mechanical keyboard are just the cherry on top.

Sadly, we confirmed with HP today that it won’t be getting an official unveiling at GITEX next week, but it should hit our shores soon after. Prices start from US$2700.



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