Face-finding OnePlus 5T gives bezels the boot

A bigger screen isn’t the 5T’s only new trick

19 November 2017
by Stuff Staff

It would have been all too easy to slap a newer, skinnier-bezel screen on the OnePlus 5 and call it a day – it was one of this year’s best value phones, after all, with more than enough CPU grunt to keep up with rivals that cost twice the price.

Beyond the new designer display, though, the 5T has seen upgrades in a few other areas. It gains new-found face scanning abilities, recognising your mug and unlocking the screen automatically – no fingerprint required.

The dual camera setup around back has been improved with a wider aperture lens for clearer zoomed-in photos, and OxygenOS has received a handful of software tweaks to boot. It’s a welcome update all round, and ¬†hopefully when it hits the Middle East the price won’t have budged an inch. It will be available globally in 64GB and 128GB flavours.



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