Emirates partners with B&W to launch exclusive headphones for its First Class passengers

So this is how the other half listens

14 November 2017
by Stuff Staff

Travelling first class on Emirates Airlines is an experience that very few of us will ever be lucky enough to have. From the luxurious private cabins, to the culinary treat of being fed caviar at 30,000ft, it’s a level of pampering us plebs in cattle class can only dream of.

And now, it’s about to get an auditory upgrade worthy of the high-end experience its passengers are accustomed to. That’s right, the leading Dubai airline has partnered with British hi-fi company Bowers & Wilkins to launch a set of headphones for its First Class passengers “exclusively tailored for flying”.

Branded B&W E1, the new over-ears are modeled on the company’s existing P7 Wireless headphones, borrowing the same drive unit but having been fine-tuned to better manage cabin noise and work with the in-flight entertainment system.

B&W’s engineers have apparently spent hours aboard the aircraft (those poor sods) making sure that the E1’s active noise-cancelling dispels all ambient engine noise, while the headphone’s memory foam and soft leather earcups have received an upgrade to make them more comfortable for long haul flights.

Obviously, they won’t be for sale to the general public (the rest of us will have to make do with the still very excellent B&W PX) and will be rolled out to Emirates’ A380 and Boeing 777’s from April 2018.



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