Emirates offering Microsoft Surface tablets to First and Business class passengers travelling to the US

Economy passengers, sadly, you get nothing

05 April 2017
by Stuff Staff

Emirates Airlines has announced that in order to combat the recent ban placed on large electronic devices for those travelling to the US, it will be lending its first and business class passengers Microsoft Surface tablets for the duration of their journey.

The tablets will come equipped with Microsoft Office 2016, and the airline recommends that passengers bring a USB stick with their files loaded on it so that they can continue to work during the flight.

The loaning service will be available for all flights travelling non-stop from Dubai to the US.

So wait, what about us down here in cattle class?

Sadly, it seems that if you’re travelling in economy class you’re out of luck and will just have to make do with the on-board entertainment system or whatever you can manage on your smartphone.

In conjunction with this announcement, Emirates have released a video that illustrates the steps taken by the airline to allow all passengers (economy included) to hang on to their electronic devices right up until they board the plane.

Any device bigger than 6-inches (that’s laptops, tablets, e-readers and gaming devices for those playing at home) will then be placed into a secure box and held in the plane’s cargo hold, only being returned to the passenger once they have disembarked and cleared passport control on the US side.

It’s not quite as nice receiving loaner Surface but at least you can rest safe in the knowledge that your electronics are being well looked after.



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