This E ink smart case sure beats Duct-taping a Kindle to your iPhone

An Oaxis in the desert of dull phone cases

29 June 2017
by Stuff Staff

Bolting a second screen onto the back of your phone might sound bonkers, but Oaxis’ upcoming iPhone 7 Plus case makes a lot of sense: it’s rocking the same kind of display tech you’d find on a Kindle e-reader, so it sips on battery rather than guzzling it down like an addict.

Throw in Bluetooth and you’ve got an always-on display for notifications, distraction-free reading and customisable widgets. And yes, it’ll help you frame those all-important selfies too. The waterproof case will keep your phone safe from the elements, and only adds a paltry 4mm of extra bulk.

The Kickstarter campaign is live right now, so you can slap down US$89 and be first in line for when the finished version arrives next month.



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