Dubai drivers could soon be the first in the world to have smart licence plates

Drive smarter

15 March 2018
by Mike Priest

Smart homes, smart thermostats, smart toasters… and now, smart license plates. Heck, why not?

The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) in Dubai announced on Wednesday that it will begin a limited trial run of digital number plates for some vehicles registered in the Emirate. These smart licence plates allow design and registration details to be modified without the need to be removed from the vehicle.

According to an official from the RTA’s licensing agency, the smart plates can be centrally controlled, making them easier to track and thus reducing instances of theft and tampering. They can also be used to display information such as when a driver is under training, or flash warnings in the case of emergencies.

The initiative is part of Dubai’s, ahem, drive to become the smartest city in the world and makes it the first to implement this kind of tech.



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