Drop everything and download: Velapp

On-the-fly video editing in a jiffy, all thanks to 3D Touch

23 March 2017
by Stuff Staff

Nowadays, having a video go viral is more about timeliness than the quality of editing.

So it is that we see sketchy footage and shoddy jump cuts in many a speedy upload, sacrificing even a semblance of useful curation in favour of shaving minutes off the preperation time.

It doesn’t have to be that way, though. Got a recent iDevice? Download Velapp and you’ll get quick-cut editing under your index finger – and all you have to do is press.


Say you’re filming your mate doing something funny. Normally, you’d record for a minute then either upload it, or fire it through iMovie for some clipping and cropping. Not with Velapp.

See, Velapp makes editing as simple as pressing hard at the good bits. Using 3D Touch, you rate your footage as you record it, pressing harder when it gets good or lighter when it’s boring (or you’re repositioning).

Once you’re done? Adjust the desired length of your clip and Velapp will trim out the bits rated below a certain level, giving you a snappy, pre-cut clip ready for a punchy upload.

The length slider works well, illustrating which bits will be cut with a timeline graph and an instant preview, letting you opt for a longer video if it’s jam-packed with decent bits, or act like a ruthless director delivering only the best action.

It’ll take a little getting used to and it tends to work best when you’ve a rough idea of what’s going to happen, but it’s a doozy for regular uploaders who struggle with deciding what to cut – or taking the time to hash out the bad bits.


This is undoubtedly a solution for quick-fix video editing. There’s no way to adjust your clip ratings after the fact, for example, so you’re stuck with what you decided was important the first time round. It’s also tricky to use for spontaneous happenings, as the press-to-rate idea can catch you by surprise if something share-worthy suddenly occurs.

What’s more, because of the above – and because 3D Touch requires a fair amount of precision – the auto-cuts can be quite rough, and there’s no way to edit them or add further jumps once you’ve finished recording.

You’ll also need an iPhone 6s or 7. Sure, if you don’t have a 3D Touch-enabled device you can use an on-screen slider of sorts, but it’s simply not as natural as pushing to rate the footage.


Want in on the rapid editing revolution? Velapp is free for iOS, and it’s available now from the App Store.

If you want to export watermark-free footage that’s longer than a minute then you’ll have to pay a US$1.99 fee – though that’s hardly bank-breaking for a unique app that’ll shave minutes off your edit.



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