Drop everything and download: Idealz

This app is about as close as you can get to a genie in a lamp

04 March 2018
by Mike Priest

They say the best things in life are free, but if that’s true, why aren’t Lamborghini’s free, or for that matter, any product ever made by Apple? Sure we love sunshine and rainbows. but we’d love them more if we could photograph them on a new iPhone X.

Well, what if there was an app that could give you all the things you ever wanted, for free? Ok, that doesn’t exist, obviously. But the Idealz app is looking to be the very next best thing.


At its most basic, Idealz is an app that allows you to enter into various raffles to win prizes. And pretty spectacular prizes at that. Fancy walking away with a brand new Mercedes, or a whole suite of Apple products? There are five luxury categories including: cars, watches, cash electronics and lifestyle. Yup, we’re talking big-ticket items here.

You simply purchase one of the company’s branded products – be it a t-shirt or stationery set – that range between Dhs50 – Dhs500 and you are then automatically entered into the corresponding prize draw. Idealz keeps things super compelling by having a very limited number of entries up for grabs (the highest we’ve seen so far is 600) therefore your chances of actually walking away with the prize are better than in your average airport lotto.

As a bonus, you can offer to donate the product you buy to the Dubai Cares charity and Idealz will then give you an additional ticket to the raffle, completely free, essentially doubling your chances of winning.


There is of course the cost, to gain access to the prize draws you will need to purchase one of their products. But if you consider the price of these products (sometimes as low as Dhs50) compared to the value of the prizes up for grabs it’s pretty much a no brainer.

How much does a 2018 Mercedes CLA250 AMG cost exactly? Well, with Idealz it could be the price of a fancy lunch. Not bad.


Idealz is available for free (with IAPs) on iOS, Android and via the official website.





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