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THOMAS SHAMBLER is the editor for Stuff in the Middle East. Known for his witty reviews and insightful comments on some of the world’s coolest kit, he is responsible for putting together the magazine, testing the newest tech, and writing features at the laser-cut edge of the gadget world. Thomas also makes regular broadcast appearances during which he gives friendly advice and warns the world of the impending robot Armageddon.

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MIKE PRIEST is one of the Middle East’s most respected gaming critics and his opinions are sought in the highest echelons of the gaming industry. He has written almost all of the regional edition of Stuff’s gaming content since launch and helps to shape the opinions of gamers throughout the GCC with his sharp wit and engaging copy. Mike’s knack for identifying trends in the output of the gaming industry are legendary and he appears regularly on the airwaves to represent Stuff during panel discussions on gaming.

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GEORGE HOPKIN is head of digital development for Motivate Publishing and a veteran geek who still remembers that POKE53281,0 turns the screen black on a Commodore 64. A passionate digital evangelist, he ‘invented’ a smart phone for a 1996 magazine feature that was pretty darn close to an Apple iPhone, 11 years before its launch. He didn’t patent it, which is why he is now writing for Stuff Middle East.

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GARETH REES is features editor of What’s On magazine. He is mainly concerned with where to eat his dinner, hasn’t progressed beyond Mario Kart (on the SNES) and becomes extremely irate when BlackBerries are used at the dining table – unless they’re part of the dessert. Nevertheless, he loves nothing more than an impassioned Tweet or crafting a compelling blog post and is currently enjoying embracing the future one byte at a time.

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