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Oakley is building the ultimate smart sports glasses, here’s how they’re doing it

Colin Baden, Oakley’s CEO and “Chief Mad Scientist” gets all riled up talking about wearable tech. “It’s interesting to watch today – all of a sudden wearable electronics is this new discovery. We were doing...


Roland TR-8 review

If you haven’t already got a Roland TR-808 or TR-909 it’s because either you don’t want one (strange, but it takes all sorts) or because you can’t afford one. The Roland AIRA TR-8 combines the two and ...


Review: Sony NWZ-ZX1 High-Resolution Walkman

Since smartphones came along, more people have been using them as their sole means of listening to music on the go. Carrying multiple devices around is a pain, after all. But there are those who care more about sound quality th...


Review: ViewSonic VSD220 Smart Display

ViewSonic VSD220 Smart Display – overview As much as we love our smartphones and tablets and are happy to race headlong into the post-PC era, there’s one part of the traditional desktop that is going to hang around for ...


Review: Nintendo Wii U

Nintendo Wii U – introduction Nintendo has stolen a march on Microsoft and Sony by launching the Wii U before the Xbox 720 and PS4 have even been announced. But can the Wii U’s dual-screen gaming and raft of launch titles d...


Razer Sabertooth Xbox/PC game controller review

Razer Sabertooth – overview According to Razr, its original Onza Xbox 360/PC controller conferred such an unfair advantage on players that it was banned from gaming tournaments. With a solid foundation to build upon, the new ...


Review: Nike TR1+ running shoes

Nike Lunar TR1+ review – overview Meet the trainers that turn you into a cyborg – powered by apps rather than feeble human will-power – this is biofeedback for the next generation of sport. An array of pressure and motion...


Review: Renault Twizy EV

Renault Twizy review – intro Renault is opening up EV ownership to a new urban generation with the Twizy but can this techie transport go the distance, by which we mean more than 10 miles? Renault Twizy review – design The ...


Review: Agility Saietta (super-fast British-built superbike)

Agility Saietta review – intro and price This British-built superbike is not one for timid travellers: it’s light, fast and all-electric. But there’s no denying that the Saietta is expensive: the ‘S’ model costs a...


Review: Sphero (iPhone-controlled light-up ball, thingy)

Sphero review – intro Stuff spent four weeks straight up ballin’ with Sphero, the most futuristic, most spherical toy in town. With a max speed of 2mph, a high impact polycarbonate shell and an Orbotix Smart Robot insid...


Fitbit Ultra review

Fitbit Ultra review – intro Pedometers. All the rage these days. In fact, there are so many around it’s easy to wonder whether the latest Fitbit can justify the comparatively hefty US$130 price attached to it, especiall...


Samsung STB-E7500 media streamer review

Samsung STB-E7500 – intro Media streamers are seldom sexy, but Samsung’s STB-E7500 is an honourable exception to the rule. It’s the TV recorder that does it all, a part-streamer, part network-player super-hub that can cat...

Nintendo’s bigger-screened 3DS XL review

Nintendo 3DS XL review Nintendo’s handheld console refreshes have followed a predictable pattern over the years, firmly centred around Nintendo’s ‘bigger is better’ [...]

iPhone in flight – Parrot AR.Drone 2.0 review

There used to be nothing like the Parrot AR.Drone. Then the AR.Drone 2.0 appeared. But can we be tempted by its new avionics? Parrot AR.Drone 2.0 overview Parrot was better known for its Bluetooth car kits until it launched the...

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