Apple MacBook 2015 hands-on review

It’s going to take something special for Apple to lose the qualifiers and name a new laptop simply ‘MacBook’. There’s no ‘Pro’, no mention of a Retina Display, or an ‘Air’ to insinuate this thing’s small. It i...


Asus Zenbook UX302 review

Things have moved on a great deal in the two years since the release of Asus’ last Zenbook, the UX31, which we loved. Windows 8 has been released, and with it touch screens have become an essential part of any laptop. W...


New Samsung Series 7 Ultrabook review

Can the inclusion of a dedicated graphics chip elevate Samsung’s Series 7 Ultra above the current glut of Ultrabooks? The laptop business is a funny old game. On one hand you’ve got Apple, clearly (and, most would argue...


Review: Samsung Chromebook Series 3

Samsung Chromebook Series 3 review – intro Google’s Chromebooks are designed to do one thing and one thing only: run its browser-based Chrome OS. Samsung’s refresh of the concept adds a bespoke processor, USB 3.0 connecti...


Review: Apple MacBook Pro 13in Retina Display

13in Retina Display MacBook Pro review – intro The 15in MacBook Pro with Retina Display won us over with its impressive power, slick form and hi-res screen, but the sting in the tail was always going to be that wallet-shatter...


Review: Toshiba Satellite U840W (the Tosh’s latest ultrabook)

So far laptops based on Intel’s ultrabook specifications – such as the Acer Aspire S3 – have staunchly stuck to the Macbook Air-style design language of brushed-aluminium slimness. Toshiba, though, have created a ...

Retina Display Apple MacBook Pro review

Retina Display MacBook Pro overview Go on, get your face closer to it. You know you want to. It’s the first thing everyone does. Lie cheek down on the keyboard and press your nose to the glass if you like: the answer̵...

The Anti-Ultrabook – MSI GT60 review

Ultrabooks are thin and lightweight, with enough battery power to make it through the day and just enough grunt to watch a few [...]

The not-quite book – Asus N56 review

The N56 doesn’t quite know where it stands in the world of laptops and Ultrabooks. On the one hand it packs a powerful Core i7 processor, huge [...]

Bigger is Better – Lenovo U410 review

Lenovo IdeaPad U410 US$tba | Lenovo is looking to take the Ultrabook world by storm, outing not one, not two but three of the slimline beauties to go head to head for your precious cash. The first (the U300s) dazzled...

Lap-friendly Ultrabook – LG Z430

LG’s not content having the word ultra in the title, and has decided to call its latest Z430 a Super Ultrabook. So what makes this Ultrabook [...]

The Budget-Beater – Samsung Series 5 review

The Series 5 is an Ultrabook for the masses: light, reasonably specced and cheaper by far than any of the others in this test [...]

Skinny and Super-Styled – Dell XPS 13 review

All Ultrabooks are forged from brushed aluminium, right? Not this one. the black and silver XPS 13 eschews such simplicity for a veritable [...]

White, Bright and Light – Lenovo IdeaPad U310 review

Lenovo IdeaPad U310 US$tba | At just 18mm, the U310 is one of the thinnest Ultrabooks so far – and it doesn’t resort to design cheats to get there. The latest IdeaPad shuns the tapering edges that Apple made...

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