Sony PlayStation TV review

When Stuff gave the PS4 its five-star review last October its Remote Play features stood out as a sign of a console with plans for the future. But unless you’re a Vita owner (there are some out there, right?) it’s a functio...

Sunset Overdrive review

Chaos. Flashy, blaring, satisfyingly cheeky chaos is what Sunset Overdrive offers, and it’s delivered in excess in a neon-soaked city wherein pretty much everything can be grinded, vaulted over, or swung upon. Also on tap...

Driveclub review

Driveclub was pegged as one of the big PlayStation 4 launch exclusives: a slick, social sim-lite racer that would show off the new platform’s myriad enhancements. But then it was delayed just weeks before release. Now, ne...

Forza Horizon 2 review

After initial concerns that it would dilute the hardcore spirit of the game too much, we unexpectedly fell head over heels with the original Forza Horizon on Xbox 360. That meant expectations were high for the sequel, particula...


GameStick review

Android consoles are everywhere right now, with the likes of the Ouya, Nvidia Shield, Archos Gamepad and Wikipad all serving up a bite-sized gaming experience built around Google’s open-source OS. So what makes the GameStick ...


Nintendo 2DS review

Our first reaction to the Nintendo 2DS was stupefaction - we simply couldn’t understand why the thing existed. The latest addition to Nintendo’s “3DS family” of consoles, the 2DS plays all 3DS and DS games, but remov...

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