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New Audi TT is a very angry-looking car

That’s an angry-looking car. It’s the third-generation Audi TT, which has just been revealed to the eyes of the world at the Geneva Motor Show. Audi has taken the curved lines of the current TT and added angular det...


With Hoverball, you’d be better at footie than Ronaldo

Here’s one ball you won’t have trouble playing keepy-uppy with – because it can fly. HoverBall’s unusual talent comes courtesy of a 90mm-wide quadcopter inside, which enables it to fly for up to five minutes at a time. ...


This US$75,000 Mercier-Jones Supercraft would make Batman proud

Is that a car? A boat?  Neither; this is the Mercier-Jones Supercraft, a hovercraft for multi-millionaires that’s inspired by supercars like the Bugatti Veyron. But unlike a supercar, you can drive it across a lake. Is ...

McLaren 605S will speed into Dubai next week

UPDATE: Turns out that while the McLaren 605S is in Dubai next week, regular punters won’t be allowed to see it. Al Habtoor Motors will be hosting a limited number of viewings for press and those who are most probable to ...


Adidas launch Messi 371 boots, a special edition f50

The football world has pretty much decided that Lionel Messi is pretty good at what he does. He’s become Barcelona’s all-time record goalscorer, having walloped 371 ball in to the back of the net. To celebrate, Adid...


James Dyson’s greatest inventions

Few British designers can claim to have had as much impact on the cleanliness of our homes as Sir James Dyson – but the man’s achievements go far beyond hard-sucking, bagless vacuum cleaners. Join us as we take a stroll thr...


30 of the best albums ever recorded

Audiophiles are a strange breed: here are a bunch of men (always men) who’ll happily fork out a week’s wages for power cables that provide “clean electricity” to their CD player, but refuse to part with a penny for any ...


The Adidas Primeknit FS is a thigh-high knitted football boot/sock hybrid

What you’re look at is the world’s first knitted football boot that’s actually a sock, as well. And yes, you totally read that right. The Adidas Primeknit FS is an all-in-one knitted football boot and sock hyb...

Zero Electric Scooter Vespa

If a Vespa and a Segway had babies, this would be the result

My eyes must be deceiving me. Is that a Vespa Segway? Bingo, unless we’re all going blind simultaneously. The Zero Electric Scooter Vespa will save the earth one battery bar at a time, put you in the Hipster Hall of Fame, and...


Renault Kwid concept car comes with its very own flying drone

I’ve heard of optional extras, but this is ridiculous Renault doesn’t think so – its Kwid concept car comes complete with a mini quadcopter tucked away in the roof that can fly alongside you. And why on Earth woul...


How to make a Jaguar F-Type (by the man who designed it)

  Ian Callum, Director of Design Jaguar Cars, talks us through the rebirth of the British sports car: A lot of people ask me if we had an E-Type in the studio while we were designing the F-Type, and the answer is no. We di...

BMW i3

BWM i3: it’s a Beemer Light

There are still plenty of people who think electric cars are the exclusive preserve of lentil-munching anarchists. A plug-in from a company as big and beefy and Bavarian as BMW should change a few minds.The fact is, they’re h...


Vuhl 05 track car puts an HD camera between the seats

While our inner geek (and our outer geek, for that matter) insists that the thrill of driving a track car is a numbers game – about being competitive, about beating your personal best – it’s not all about the data. Hoonin...


Meet the Nissan ZEOD RC: the future of endurance racing

Nissan’s stunning ZEOD RC will be the first car to complete a lap of the historic Le Mans circuit purely on electric power, and it’s got plenty of other tricks to get excited about too. The ZEOD – Zero Emissions On De...

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