Microsoft working on Kinect Shades: it’s very own Oculus Rift

Microsoft is reportedly working on its very own headset to rival the Oculus Rift and Sony’s Project Morpheus. Unlike its rivals however, Microsoft’s offering is expected to make use of augmented reality as oppose...


5 of the most graphically impressive games ever

There are some hugely talented artists in video game design, from concept painters to level designers to the people who record the “hghhurrgh” noises your enemies make when you shoot their spleen off. Here are five ...

Five of the best climbing games ever

Every person has, at some point in their life, looked at a tall thing and thought, “I wonder if I could climb that.” Swiftly followed by a visit to A&E. Not to worry, though; these games let you scale the height...


Five of the best mobile games

The emergence of the smartphone has brought gaming to a whole new audience. No longer are we tied to the console or the computer when we want a fix of our favourite games; instead, they’re within arm’s reach at all ...


10 of the best shooters ever

We love clever games, games that do something new, games that tell a story, games that make us play in different ways. But you know what else we like? Guns. Lots of guns. Because after a hard day’s work, nothing beats the...


Five of the weirdest games ever

Shooters. Drivers. Beat ‘em ups. They’re great and all, but sometimes it’s nice to try something a little different. One day you might wonder what it’s like to be a goat for example. It’s a perfect...


10 of the best games for drivin’

From petrol heads to speed freaks, there’s nothing quite like racing around a track at break-neck speeds, overtaking your enemies and clinching victory in the dying seconds of the final lap. Or you could just run tonnes o...


MInecraft movie in the works

Minecraft: The Movie is coming to a cinema near you. The Lego Movie is ruling the box office at the moment, so it’s no surprise that Hollywood’s frantically rummaging around in the toy box for other construction toy...

angry birds stella teaser

Here’s one bird-based game that won’t disappear from the app store

Flappy Bird may have awkwardly flown off to the great aviary in the sky, but one mobile game franchise based on our feathered friends is still going strong: Angry Birds. We don’t know anyone who still plays Rovio’s cash cow...


Here’s five of our favourite indie games

Mainstream games have cinematic budgets – but like blockbuster films, they can tend to reach for the lowest common denominator. After slogging through endless FPS slaughterfests in which you play a musclebound space marine, ...


No Halo 5 until in 2015

If you’re a Halo fan wondering when the next full-on fix of Microsoft’s flagship FPS will arrive, we’ve got some potentially bad news for you: it won’t be until next year. Halo voice actor Steve Downes has revealed that...

Screen shot 2014-02-13 at 18.05.07

Six of the very best video game soundtracks

Sound is a massive part of the gaming experience, from the “hurgghh!” of your opponent being punched in the gut to the ominous spinning-up of your Gatling gun. And music, from catchy chiptines to classical symphonie...


Top 10 violent and gory games

Blood. Guts, Brains. Even the odd ripped out spine or two. As much as our mums would be disappointed in us, we can’t get enough. From caving in a zombie’s skull and watching its decaying grey matter gracefully arc a...

Six games that destroyed society (allegedly)

“Won’t somebody think of the children!” It’s become a wearyingly familiar cry, as everyone from parents’ groups to politicians lines up to scapegoat the video games industry for all of society...

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