B&O’s Beoplay H9i motion-sensing cans are a high-end treat for the ears

And they should sound pretty good too

10 January 2018
by Stuff Staff

Thinking of buying yourself a pair of earmuffs to keep your lugs warm this winter? We’ve got a better idea. Pick up a pair of B&O’s Beoplay H9i headphones instead. Not only will their lambskin ear cups stop your shell-likes from freezing and falling off, their active noise-cancelling tech will block out any external chatter that could interrupt the latest episode of the Adam Buxton Podcast.

If you want to pause it, you can just take them off and a sensor will automatically do that for you, or, if you want to keep your ears warm, a quick tap activates Transparency Mode, which turns off both whatever’s playing and the ANC, so you can immediately hear what’s going on around you.

They go on sale in the US and UK at the end of January and we await pricing and availability details for this region.



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